Help STOP a Menthol Ban in Vermont!

The Vermont Legislature is considering a ban on menthol cigarettes for adults 21 and older. Don’t let them ban the products you sell.  Speak out today!

Banning menthol cigarettes for adults 21 and older in Vermont is bad policy.  It will only further restrict the choices your adult tobacco customers have for the products they prefer. And it will lead to an even bigger illegal market that will increase crime, reduce your sales, and endanger consumers.  Adult prohibition never works – it didn’t work for alcohol, and it won’t work for menthol cigarettes.

Help us tell lawmakers that such a broad, overreaching ban is unfair and unacceptable. It takes just 30 seconds today to email your lawmaker today.

Feel free to edit the letter below and then press “Send” to deliver the message to your legislator today!